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Montvale experiences temperatures of as high as 95˚ in the summer and as low as 20˚ in the winter. This makes it essential for homes and offices in the town to have heating and cooling systems. While most homes and offices typically use central air conditioning and heating systems, this is not always possible or economical. In such cases, we can install ductless mini split air conditioning and heat pump systems in homes and offices in the area.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning System Installations Montvale NJ

When the home or office in Montvale does not have ducts built in for the installation of central climate control systems, it is often more practical and economical to install ductless mini split air conditioning systems. These systems can be installed for individual rooms, making it easier to cool only specific zones of the building, leading to reduced energy bills.

Our trained and certified technicians have extensive expertise in the installation of mini AC systems in Montvale. They will study the layout of the room and the building and decide on the best location for the external compressor unit to minimize the length of the duct. This will reduce the cost of installation, leakage of treated air, and also ensure that the system functions for longer without developing any problems.

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump System Installations Montvale NJ

Just as ductless air conditioning are the best solution for cooling individual rooms and rooms that are not connected with ducts, ductless heat pump systems can help keep individual rooms and specific zones heated at a lower cost. Our technicians are trained and certified in the installation of the ductless heat pump system and will ensure the best placement of the external unit to minimize the cost of connecting tubes. Additionally, the technicians will be able to assess the needs of the home or office and suggest the best ductless mini split heating system.

Maintenance and Repair of Mini Split Air Conditioning and Heating Systems Montvale NJ

Once the mini split air conditioning and heat pumps are installed in homes and offices in Montvale it is essential to have them serviced periodically and maintained properly. This will prolong the life of the ductless ACs and heat pumps and also ensure that the energy bill is lower. We have technicians who can schedule regular visits to inspect and service the mini split ACs and ductless heat pumps.

Additionally, our trained technicians are available round the clock and on weekends for emergency repair of mini split Air conditioning and heat pump systems. This will ensure that you are not forced to endure very hot or cold days without the climate control equipment you have installed. Our technicians will examine the faulty equipment and fix them as soon as possible.

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